Honkai Star Rail Characters-Herta Space Station

Honkai Star Rail Characters-Herta Space Station

Herta Space Station is the first stop in the game’s plot. Our protagonist, Caelus/Stelle, was born here.
In the last article, we introduced Honkai Star Rail characters from The Astral Express. This time, let us turn our attention to the Honkai Star Rail characters from Herta Space Station.

Herta Space Station

The Herta of the Genius Club is not happy with the way things work in the real world. She sets her sights on the unsolved mysteries in the galaxy, thinking that those faraway mysteries will satisfy her need to know more.

To do this, Herta led the way in building an interstellar ship that looked like something from a museum. She then sent it into planetary orbit and started the study of “sealing all the weirdness in the starry sky.” This is how the well-known “Herta” space station came to be.

The Interstellar Peace Corporation built and paid for the Herta space station, which belongs to Herta. People say that Ms. Herta’s business is mainly meant to keep all strange things in the bright sky.

The site’s staff is made up of a lot of different people. It’s called “section members” for researchers. As soon as they get to the site, they will be split up into different “departments” based on their main study direction and functional director.


Rarity: 4 stars
Path: Erudition
Combat Type: Ice
English VA: PJ Mattson
Japanese VA: Yamazaki Haruka

The real boss of Herta Space Station As one of the smartest people on The Bule, she only works on things that interest her and stops working on them immediately when she loses interest. The space station is the best example of this.

By the way, Herta is not as young as you think. Maybe more than 70 years old?No one is sure; she frequently appears as a remote-controlled puppet.
“It’s about seventy percent similar to how I looked as a child.” -Herta
“I’m already perfect, so what else should I do?”- Herta


Rarity: 4 stars
Path: Harmony
Combat Type: Fire
English VA: Felecia Angelle
Japanese VA: Akasaki Chinatsu

The strange director of the space station has done amazing things in the field of astronomy. It’s easy to run and take care of the whole space station, and one person can do the work of dozens of people.The problem is that she is so good at working that she can’t even take care of herself in real life.

“That being said, I not only don’t care about this, I’m even proud of it because it shows that I give the space station workers fair work.”-Asta
“Aslan is in charge of me, and I’m in charge of the space station. Is something wrong?”-Asta

Asta is a young woman from a well-known family. She is very curious and full of energy.It is easy for Asta to deal with staff members who freely express their opinions or answer directly and politely to the Bosho Society’s many problems.

After all, running a space station is easier than taking over a business.


Rarity: 4 stars
Path: Destruction
Combat Type: Lightning
English VA: Dani Chambers
Japanese VA: Shiraishi Ryoko

Arlan is the security section chief of the space station and Asta’s housekeeper. Even though Arlan doesn’t understand scientific research, he is ready to put his life at risk to protect the staff on the space station who do research and do it well.

He was used to fighting and thought of his wounds as honorary badges. Because of Arlan and his defense department, the people working on the space station can do their research without worrying about anything.

The boy would only let down his guard and smile when he held Pepe in his arms.

The End

Currently, there are few Honkai Star Rail characters at Herta Space Station. But in the subsequent game plot, MiHoYo may increase the number of characters at Herta Space Station.
Next stop, we will turn our attention to the Stellaron Hunters. A third-party organization full of handsome men and beautiful women
If you like them too, feel free to leave your comments.



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