Honkai Star Rail Characters: The Astral Express

Honkai Star Rail Characters-The Astral Express

Shanghai MiHoYo Network Technology Co., Ltd. created “Honkai: Star Rail,” a space adventure strategy game, on its own. At last, on April 26, 2023, the full platform public test went live.

Among games in 2023, this game can be said to be very famous. And the game scenes, music, and special effects are all very good. But the most eye-catching thing should be the Honkai Star Rail characters.

This article will introduce the existing Honkai Star Rail characters. Since there are currently many characters in the game, we will introduce them in several chapters to ensure a good look and feel (based on the current regions in the game).
The first is, of course, our main character group, “The Astral Express.”

Caelus/Stelle(Yes, it’s you.)


Rarity: ★★★★★
Path: Destruction/Preservation (for now)
Combat Type: Physical/Fire(For now)

In Honkai Star Rail, the male Trailblazer is known as Caelus, and the female Trailblazer is named Stelle. Unlike the Traveler in Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail characters are not interconnected, and the one you do not choose is unlikely to reappear in the storyline.

Apart from their names, little is known about Stelle and Caelus. Regardless of your choice, they awaken on the Herta Space Station with no memory of their past. After securing a Stellaron and saving the day, they embark on an exhilarating journey aboard the Astral Express.

We believe that Kafka and the other Stellaron hunters know more about our past than she tells us initially. As the story continues, we’ll learn more about Stelle’s or Caelus’s past.


Honkai Star Rail Characters -Himeko

Rarity: ★★★★
Path: Erudition
Combat Type: Fire
English VA: Cia Court
Japanese VA: Tanaka Rie

Himeko is an adventurous scientist in the Honkai Star Rail Characters who met the Astral Express when she was a child, and it got stuck in her world.

At that point, something in the Express showed this young girl a whole world other than her own: the universe.

Years later, Himeko finally fixed the train and set out on her journey to the stars. But she soon learned that this was just the start. She would need a lot more friends on Trailblaze Road.

These kinds of friends may be going to different places, but they all look up at the same bright sky.


Honkai Star Rail Characters -Welt

Rarity: ★★★★
Path: Nihility
Combat Type: Imaginary
English VA: Corey Landis
Japanese VA: Hosya Yoshimasa

Welt, the former Counter-Entropic Lord in Honkai Star Rail Characters, is wise and experienced. Saving the planet multiple times earned him the honor of having the world named after him. His tireless efforts to protect humanity make him a true hero.

Now, Welter is embarking on a new journey as a “pioneer,” showcasing his impressive skills and setting an example for others. He has defended the world before, and if fate calls his way again, he is ready to take on the challenge and write a new chapter of his story.

Dan Heng

Honkai Star Rail Characters -Dan Heng

Rarity: ★★★
Path: The Hunt
Combat Type: Wind
English VA: Nicholas Leung
Japanese VA: Ito Kent

He was a quiet, cold young man who carried a stick called “Cloud-Piercer” and was in charge of guarding the train during its long, pioneering trip.

Dan Heng seems to not care about anything, but he is actually calmly observing how things change around him and constantly writing down everything he saw on his pioneering journey in the train think tank files.

Danheng has never told anyone about his past. Along with the train, he walked to get rid of everything he had made himself.

But will the train really take him away from the “past”?

March 7th

Honkai Star Rail Characters -March 7th

Rarity: ★★★
Path: Preservation
Combat Type: Ice
English VA: Skyler Daven port
Japanese VA: Ogura Yui

She is an unconventional young girl in the Honkai Star Rail Characters who believes she embodies the typical passions of girls her age, such as photography.

Waking up from drifting ice fragments, she has no memory of her past or life experiences. After a brief period of depression, she chose to name herself after the date on which her new life began.

So, on March 7, she was ‘born’.

The End

Thanks for watching; that’s all there is to say about Honkai Star Rail Characters: The Astral Express. Next, we’ll introduce the Honkai Star Rail characters from Herta Space Station.
What kind of charm do the characters in this region have?
If you’re interested in these characters, don’t forget to come and watch. Please respect the characters and other players, and have friendly discussions.



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