How to Delete Apps on Chromebook? So Easy!

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook?

Have an unwanted app on your Chromebook?
Sometimes, you only need technical simplicity to make things go faster and make the user experience smoother.
Sometimes, you download an Android app to your Chromebook and realize it won’t work.
Whatever the case, removing apps from your Chromebook is a basic skill for any ChromeOS user. It’s easy. Frankly, it’s much easier than on Windows.
Here’s how to delete apps on Chromebook.

What is a Chromebook

What is Chromebook?

The brand name and type of laptops or tablets that run ChromeOS, which is built on Linux, are called Chromebooks. Chromebooks were first made so that they could do most of their work with web apps that ran in the Google Chrome browser.

In 2017 and 2018, they were updated to be able to run Android apps as well. All apps that are enabled can be downloaded and used at the same time.
Chromebooks can be used without an internet connection, and programs like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Google Drive will share your data when you connect to the internet again. With the Google Play Movies & TV app for Chrome, you can watch Google Play videos even when you’re not online.
The initial shipment of Chromebooks was made on June 15, 2011. Other Chrome OS devices include Chromebox workstations, the Chromebase computer-in-a-box, Chromebits PCs on an HDMI stick, and Chromebooks.

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook?

The most common types of apps on a Chromebook are web apps, Chrome apps, or Android apps. In short, to uninstall any of these apps, all you need to do is:

● Open the launcher by going to the bottom left corner and selecting the round (fisheye) button. You can also tap the circle (fisheye) or search button on your keyboard.

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook?

● Scroll to the application you want to uninstall.
● If your launcher is a bit cluttered, you can sort the applications by right-clicking on an empty area and selecting a name or color
● Right-clicking involves using two fingers to press or click the trackpad or a mouse.
● When you right-click the unwanted software, a menu will emerge. Choose “Uninstall” from the list of options.

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook

● You may receive a warning through a pop-up window that the data associated with the application will also be deleted. Select Uninstall again to confirm.

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook (3)(1)

How to Uninstall Extensions on Chromebook?

In addition to web and Android apps, Chrome extensions run like apps and consume memory and CPU resources on your Chromebook. You can find performance metrics for apps and extensions from your Chromebook’s Task Manager. Therefore, perform the following steps to remove extensions from your Chromebook and free up important resources.

How to Uninstall Extensions on Chromebook?
  • Launch Chrome and navigate to More Tools> Extensions to install an extension on your Chromebook. Then, select the Extensions Management tab.
  • you can find all the installed Chrome extensions on your Chromebook. After that, click “Remove” on each extension, and it will be uninstalled immediately.
How to Uninstall Extensions on Chromebook?

How to Remove Linux Apps on Chromebook?

If you’re trying out Linux apps, there’s good news: for some apps, you can uninstall them as described above. Sometimes, the uninstall option does not appear in the context menu, or the system generates an error and suggests you uninstall the application via Terminal.

It would help if you did the following:
● Open the Terminal application from the launcher.
● Enter the following command:
sudo apt-get remove nameofapp
● You may be prompted to confirm the actions associated with the uninstall process. Enter “Y” to accept.

How to Uninstall Steam Games from Chromebook?

Like the Steam beta on ChromeOS? Good for you!
You can uninstall Steam by right-clicking on the application in the launcher and selecting “Uninstall.” Otherwise, to uninstall individual games:

  1. From your launcher, open Steam.
  2. If you are not already in the Library, select “Library” from the top row of tabs.
  3. Scroll through the list of games you own on the left and select the game you want to uninstall.
  4. Right-click on the list option or select the gear button to the right of the list.
  5. Select “Manage” and then “Uninstall”.
  6. Follow the instructions from Steam.

How to track storage space on ChromeOS?

Looking for space? I’d like an idea about how to manage your space. Get a look by following these steps:

● Open system settings by selecting the time to open the Quick Settings and then selecting the cog button at the top-right corner.
● On the left side, select Device and then Storage Management.
You’ll see a breakdown of how much of your storage has been used. You can also open shortcuts to settings that will help you cut down your load:
● My files open your system file manager. To remove a file, right-click on it and choose Delete from the menu.
● Browsing data links directly to a Chrome settings menu called Clear browsing data, where you can delete your browsing history, stored trackers, and cached files.
● Apps and extensions bring you to a list of your apps and extensions. You can select any of them and press the Uninstall button.
● Linux storage reflects the partition size you’ve set for handling Linux apps. You’ll be linked to the Linux development environment settings, where you can change your Linux disk size.

How to Uninstall Apps on Chromebook Via the Play Store?

How to Uninstall Apps on Chromebook Via the Play Store?

It’s just as simple to uninstall apps from your Chromebook using the Play Store.

● Find and open the Play Store app on your device to get started
● Then click the icon in the top left corner (three vertical lines).
● Select the My Apps and Games option, then click the Installed tab at the top.
● Click the Uninstall button next to the desired programs, then confirm your choice by clicking OK.

Why is My Chromebook So Slow?

There are a variety of reasons why your Chromebook is slow. Here are the most common.

● Having too many tabs open at once burdens your device’s resources. Performance may suffer as a result.
● Insufficient storage space: Chromebooks typically have limited internal storage space, so it may slow down if your Device is low on space.
● Outdated software: Regular software updates bring new features and improve performance. If your Chromebook’s software is outdated, you may experience poor performance.
● Hardware issues: Sometimes, slow Chromebook performance can be caused by hardware issues such as a slow hard drive or insufficient RAM.


That’s it, folks!
Removing apps from your Chromebook is easy. The launcher and search buttons make finding the apps you want to remove easy, and the uninstall process is simple.
Remember to check the Deleted Apps folder for a list of all your deleted apps.
These instructions will help your Chromebook work more efficiently and free up storage space.
This guide shows you how to delete apps from your Chromebook. We hope you can do it yourself.
Thanks for reading!



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