How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft?

How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft?

Do you want to know how to get Honeycomb in Minecraft? You asked the right person. I have also encountered this problem as an old Minecraft player, but now I know many interesting and powerful skills, and Honeycomb is just one of them.
In this guide, we’ll reveal the secrets of how to get a Honeycomb without sending your bees going crazy. Not only that, we’ll teach you how to turn a honeycomb into a delightful candle, create waxed copper, and even build your own beehive.

Without further ado, let’s start a sweet adventure in Minecraft and unlock the code to get the Honeycomb!

Why Do You Need Honeycomb in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the honeycomb is an item primarily associated with bees and beekeeping. So, what are the benefits of having a honeycomb?

Making Honeycomb Blocks: You can use honeycombs to make honeycomb blocks. These blocks are very beautiful and can serve as decoration for your house.

Make a beehive: A beehive is where bees live and produce honey. You can get a constant supply of honeycomb and honey with a beehive.

Harvest honey: With a honeycomb, you can collect honey bottles, which are a source of food and are delicious!

Attract Bees: Honeycombs can be used to breed and attract bees. By using a hive, you can encourage bees to enter the honeycomb or follow you.

Trading with Villagers: Sometimes, you may find villagers willing to trade honeycombs. This can be a valuable source of emeralds and other items in the game.

Honeycombs are an essential resource for anyone interested in beekeeping, honey production, and decorative buildings in Minecraft. If used effectively, they can be a valuable, versatile resource.
Since honeycombs are so valuable, how do you get honeycombs in Minecraft? Keep reading

How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft?

Step 1: Make a set of scissors

how to get honeycomb in minecraft-Make a set of scissors

Gather materials: Make sure you have two iron ingots in your inventory.

Open a workbench: If you don’t have one, you can create one by placing four planks (of any type) in a 2×2 workbench, leaving the center empty.

Placing an Iron Ingot: In the 3×3 crafting grid, place an iron ingot in the center slot of the second row. Then, place the second iron ingot into the first box in the third row.

Step 2: Find a Bee Nest and Get

how to get honeycomb in minecraft-Find a Bee Nest and Get

Explore Grassland Biomes: Hives can be found naturally in grassland biomes. These biomes are characterized by oak and birch trees. Bee hives hang under the leaves of these trees.

Check other biomes: they may also appear in the Plains, Sunflower Plains, and Flower Grove biomes.

Monitor Honey Levels: Whenever bees leave the nest or hive at night, the honey level increases by 1 level. You cannot harvest a hive until the honey level of the nest or hive reaches level 5.

Harvesting Honeycomb: Once the honey level reaches 5, you can use shears to harvest honeycomb from a nest or comb.

Note: Be careful not to attack bees. They can become aggressive if provoked.

Step 3: Prevent Bee Attacks

how to get honeycomb in minecraft-Prevent Bee Attacks

To collect honeycomb from a hive or nest in Minecraft without irritating the bees, follow these steps:

Make a bonfire:

how to get honeycomb in minecraft-Make a bonfire

Open 3 x 3 workbench.
Place a stick in the second box in the first row.
In the second row, arrange these items: a stick, a piece of charcoal or coal, and a stick.
Place a piece of wood or a log in each of the three boxes in the third row.

Prepare area:

Clear the block above the hive to create an opening for the smoke to pass through.
Dig a piece directly beneath the nest or hive.
The bonfire you make is placed in the hole dug beneath the hive.

Step 4: Protect Bees

In Minecraft, bees must be protected when collecting hives to maintain a healthy ecosystem.
Java version (PC, Mac):

how to get honeycomb in minecraft-Protect Bees

Place the rug directly over the campfire. The smoke will travel through the carpet, keeping the bees safe while you collect the hives.

Bedrock Edition (Windows 10, consoles, etc.):

Do not use carpet. Instead, follow these steps:
Place a campfire in a hole dug beneath the hive or nest.
Surround the hole with a fence to prevent bees from entering.
After harvesting the honeycomb, put out the campfire. Please place a water block on top of the campfire.

how to get honeycomb in minecraft-Protect Bees

Step 5: Harvest Hive

how to get honeycomb in minecraft-Harvest Hive

Once the hive or hive reaches honey level 5 and is filled with honey, it is time to collect 3 honeycombs using scissors. Click and hold on the nest when the bees are calmed by the smoke.
Harvest the honeycomb in this way by using scissors.

Once the hive or nest replenishes its honey, you can return to it for more honeycomb if bees are nearby. Simply make sure the bees are safe, and you can keep gathering honeycomb without any issues.

Video Teaching

If the above text content does not help you understand how to get a hive in Minecraft, you can watch this video. Maybe you will have new inspiration.

How to Use Honeycomb?

1. Beehive: Planks + Honeycomb

how to get honeycomb in minecraft-Beehive

2. Candle: String + Honeycomb

how to get honeycomb in minecraft-Candle

3. Honeycomb Block: Honeycomb

how to get honeycomb in minecraft-Honeycomb Block

4. Waxed Block of Copper: Block of Copper+ Honeycomb

how to get honeycomb in minecraft-Waxed Block of Copper

1. Waxed Cut Copper Slab: Cut Copper Slab+ Honeycomb

how to get honeycomb in minecraft-Waxed Cut Copper Slab

In the End

How to get honeycombs in Minecraft is just the beginning of the adventure. Armed with scissors and wits, you can now collect this sweet treasure without the bees in sight! But remember, bees play a vital role in Minecraft’s ecosystem, so keep them safe when harvesting.

What’s the fun of just having a honeycomb when you can turn it into something extraordinary? From cozy beehives to glowing candles, honeycombs offer a world of possibilities waiting to be explored. So put on your virtual overalls and embark on this sweet journey to unleash your creativity in the blocky kingdom of Minecraft!

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