How to See Recently Deleted Apps on iPhone?

How to See Recently Deleted Apps on iPhone?

“Oh! I deleted the apps on my iPhone by mistake!”
“What if I forget the deleted apps’ names and want to download them again?”
“What if I try to download an app again, but it’s no longer available?”

Maybe you know how to delete apps from your iPhone, as it’s just a matter of pressing the app and tapping “X” to delete it.recent

If you don’t know how to see recently deleted apps, here are the easiest steps to view and restore recently deleted apps from your iPhone! Join me and do it!

How to See Recently Deleted Apps on iPhone?

When you remove an app from your iPhone, you can find it in one of the following ways:

Via App Store

Step 1: Open the [App Store], then tap your picture in the top right corner.

Open the [App Store], then tap your picture in the top right corner.
Tap [Purchased].

Step 2: Tap [Purchased].

Step 3: Select [Not on this iPhone].

Select [Not on this iPhone].

It is split into “All” and “Not on this iPhone” on this screen.

On the “All” TAB, you can see both the apps you have installed and the ones you have deleted. On the right, an installed app has an “Open” button, while the deleted one has a small cloud icon.

On the “Not on this iPhone” TAB, you can find the apps you removed, so you can download them again.

Via Settings

Step 1: Find the [Settings] and open it.

Step 2: Tap your [Apple ID].

Step 3: Tap [Media & Purchases], then select [View Account]

Step 4: Tap [Purchase History]

Tap [Media & Purchases], then select [View Account]

Tap [Purchase History]

In [Purchase History], you can find a record of all apps, including deleted apps.

Via iTunes

Step 1: Connect your PC and open the [iTunes app].

Step 2: Tap [device icon].

Step 3: Tap [Apps].

How to Reinstall Recently Deleted Apps on iPhone?

Via App Store

(1) You know how to get to the “Not on this iPhone” TAB, so you don’t need to repeat these steps. When you reach the TAB, look through the list of apps you’ve deleted and tap the cloud icon to reinstall.

(2) Open the App Store, tap the magnifier icon “search” in the bottom right area, and type the app’s name into the search bar. The app you want to download will show up with a cloud icon next to the app’s name. To reinstall the app, you just have to tap it.

 "Not on this iPhone" TAB

Via Settings

In the [Purchase History] in the [Settings] above, you can view deleted apps. If you want to reinstall the app, you just have to tap the cloud icon.

Via iTunes

Apple has chosen, for some reason, to get rid of the “Apps” TAB/icon in iTunes 12.7. But you can still get those apps back even if you haven’t updated iTunes. In this case, click on your iPhone, choose “Apps,” and then tap “Install” next to the app you want to use again.

On the other hand, any version of iTunes lets you use the Restore from Backup tool. But this may be too much to pay for just a few apps. You have to update the iPhone on time, and there’s always a chance that you could lose some of your info.

So, it’s best to stick to the methods above.

iPhone App Disappeared? How to Find Missing Apps on Your iPhone

Have you tried to open an app on your iPhone but can’t find it? This can be worrying if you use an important application for finances, life, or work.

Well, if you can’t find apps on your iPhone’s Home Screen or can’t find apps you’ve hidden, here’s how to find them:

Find Your App in the App Library

On the last page of the Home Screen, swipe left to get to the App Library. Then, type your app’s name into the Search box to find it quickly.

Once you find the app you want, long-press its icon in the App Library. If the app isn’t already on the Home Screen, you’ll see an option to Add to the Home Screen. You can also drag it from the App Library to the Home Screen by moving it to the left.

Find Your App in the App Library

If you want all the apps you download to show up on the iPhone Home Screen, go to “Settings” > “Home Screen” and tap “Add” to Home Screen. This will stop new apps from not being shown on the Home Screen.

Use Spotlight to Find the Missing App

If you swipe down on your iPhone’s home screen, the search bar for Spotlight will appear. Now, type the name of the program you want to open and click to do so. You can also press and drag the app icon to the home screen from here.

Ask Siri to open the Missing App.

You can say “Hey Siri” or hold down the side button (on iPhone with Face ID) or the Home button (on iPhone with Touch ID) to activate Siri and make it “open [app name].”

Ask Siri to open the Missing App.

Look Inside the Folder for the Missing App

Apps are sometimes put in files to hide them or hide them from view if they aren’t used as much. You can forget about them after a while.

Check Screen Time for Restricted Apps

With Screen Time, you or a parent can limit what apps you can use on your iPhone, like Safari, Camera, Mail, and more. In the same way, Screen Time also lets you set an age limit for apps.

To cancel these apps, go to [Settings] > [Screen Time] > [Content and Privacy Restrictions] > [Allowed Apps] and make sure that all apps are allowed. Next, click Back, go to [Content Restrictions] > [Apps], and choose Allow All Apps.

Unhide Purchased Apps and Reinstall Them

After you hide your purchase, neither you nor anyone else in your family can see it on your list of App Store purchases. Also, family members can’t get the hidden apps.

Here’s how to unhide App Store purchases on your iPhone:

Step 1: Open the [App Store], then tap your [profile photo].

Step 2: Tap your name and [Apple ID].

Step 3: Tap [Hidden Purchases].

Step 4: Tap [Unhide] next to the hidden app.

how to unhide App Store purchases on your iPhone

FAQ about How to See Recently Deleted Apps on iPhone

Here are the questions that people ask most often about finding deleted apps on iPhone:

Q1: Do I have to pay again to download a paid app if I delete it from my phone?

A: You don’t have to pay again to download the app if you use the same Apple ID and password.

Q2: Can I still get my apps back if I change my Apple ID?

A: No, you can’t. If you delete your Apple ID or lose access to it, you’ll also lose access to everything you’ve saved or bought with it.

Q3: Why can’t I find a deleted app on the app store?

A: If the app you deleted cannot be found in the App Store, it means Apple has removed it from the App Market.

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