What Are the 10 Best Apps for Apple Watch?

Top 10 Best Apps for Apple Watch

The development of cell phone technology has been extremely shocking! Advances in electric technology have made our machines smaller and smaller. Today, they can even be attached to our bodies on the go. As one gadget has managed to dominate today – smartwatches.

One of the most notable smartwatches is the Apple Watch. When you buy your own perfect Apple Watch, one thing you can’t miss is today’s 10 best apps for Apple Watch!

Get ready to download them!

Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is Apple’s mapping app. It provides navigation, directions, and real-time traffic updates right on your wrist.

Key Features

Navigation. Apple Maps provides turn-by-turn navigation with voice directions. It helps you find the best driving, walking, or public transportation routes.

Real-time Traffic. The app offers real-time traffic information, such as congestion and delays. You can choose the quickest route to your destination.

Suggested Destinations. Apple Maps can suggest nearby restaurants, gas stations, and other points of interest.

Transit Directions. The app includes transit directions for many major cities to help you plan your journey using buses, trains, subways, and more.

Walking Directions. This one of the best apps for Apple Watch can provide walking directions, estimated travel time, and distance to your destination.

Location Sharing. The app lets you share your real-time location with friends and family.

Indoor Maps. Apple Maps can offer indoor maps like airports and shopping malls.

Flyover Mode. Explore select cities and landmarks in 3D with the Flyover mode.

Favorites. Save your frequently visited places as favorites for quick and easy access.

CarPlay Compatibility. If your car supports CarPlay, you can seamlessly transition your navigation from your Apple Watch to your car’s display.

Apple Health

apple health

This app helps you track your fitness and health goals, monitor workouts, and keep an eye on your daily activity and vital signs.

Key Features

Health Data Dashboard. Apple Health provides a centralized dashboard to view your health and fitness data summary. It can track steps taken, distance walked, heart rate, sleep analysis, and more.

Activity Tracking. This one of the best apps for Apple Watch tracks your daily physical activity, including steps, distance, and flights of stairs climbed. It can also calculate your active energy expenditure and exercise minutes.

Workout Tracking. The app integrates with the Apple Watch and other fitness devices to track various workouts. It records workout duration, distance, and calories burned.

Heart Rate Monitoring. Apple Health can continuously monitor your heart rate using the Apple Watch’s built-in heart rate sensor. It provides insights into your resting heart rate and heart rate variability.

Sleep Tracking. It offers sleep-tracking features, allowing you to monitor your sleep patterns and duration. This app can also provide information on your sleep cycles and trends.

Nutrition Tracking. You can maintain a food diary to keep tabs on your calories and nutrients.

Medical Records. Apple Health enables you to store important records, including allergies, medications, and immunizations. This information can be easily shared with healthcare providers.

Health Trends. The app can display long-term trends and insights about your health and fitness data. This helps you make informed decisions about your well-being.

Emergency SOS and Medical ID. You can set up an Emergency SOS feature to quickly call for help and share your location in emergencies. Medical ID provides essential medical information to first responders.

Health Records (US Only). In the United States, Apple Health can connect to participating healthcare providers. It is a feature that gives you access to your electronic health records (EHRs) and makes it easier to manage your health history.

Women’s Health. The app can be used to keep an eye on your health because it can keep track of your menstrual patterns and pregnancy.



As a popular fitness app, Strava offers GPS tracking, route planning, and detailed workout analysis.

Key Features

Activity Tracking. Strava allows users to track various activities. It uses GPS to record routes, distance, speed, and elevation.

Route Planning. Strava’s route builder lets you plan and make trips, giving you elevation maps and other useful information. These routes can be shared with friends or used for personal training.

Segment Challenges. Strava is known for its competitive edge with segment challenges. Users can create segments (sections of a route) and compete for the fastest time, earning achievements and badges.

Leaderboards. Strava keeps leaderboards for each segment that show how your time compares to that of other riders who have finished the same section.

Training and Analysis. As one of the best apps for Apple Watch, it offers detailed data analysis of your workouts, including pace, heart rate, and power (for cyclists). You can set goals, monitor your progress, and receive insights into your training.

Privacy Controls. Users have control over their privacy settings. You can choose to make your activities public or private, and you can limit who sees your activity details.

Social Network. Strava is also a social network for athletes. You can follow other athletes, leave comments and kudos on their activities, and join clubs or groups based on your interests.

Challenges and Goals. The app regularly hosts challenges and allows users to set personal goals, motivating them to stay active and push their limits.



As one of the best apps for Apple Watch, Fantastical lets you easily view, create, and manage events and reminders.

Key Features

Natural Language Parsing. One of Fantastical’s standout features is its natural language input. You can create new events or tasks by typing or speaking in plain language. For example, you can type “Meet John for coffee at 2 PM tomorrow,” Fantastical will create the event accordingly.

Day, Week, Month Views. Fantastical provides various views, including day, week, and month, to help you visualize your schedule.

Task Integration. Besides calendar events, Fantastical integrates tasks and to-do lists. You can manage your tasks alongside your events, creating a unified view of your schedule and priorities.

Reminders Integration. Fantastical can sync with Apple’s Reminders app, so you can handle and finish tasks you set up in Reminders right from Fantastical.

Event Details. Fantastical gives you full views of events to add notes, set alerts, call people, and control where and when the events happen.

Time Zone Support. The app handles time zone changes seamlessly, which is helpful for travelers or those with events in different time zones.

Templates. You can make and save event themes for things that happen repeatedly, making planning for them easier.

Dark Mode. The app supports dark mode for a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light environments.

Accessibility. Fantastical is designed with accessibility features, making it usable for individuals with disabilities.


WaterMinder is one of the best apps for Apple Watch to help you stay hydrated. You may use it to keep tabs on how much water you drink daily and set various alarms to remind you to drink more.

Key Features

Personalized Water Goals. WaterMinder calculates a personalized daily water intake goal. This feature is based on your age, weight, gender, activity level, and local climate.

Visual Water Tracking. The app lets you easily log your water consumption by adding glasses, bottles, or other containers to your daily intake. You can visualize your progress toward your daily goal with an interactive water intake tracker.

Reminders and Notifications. Regular alerts and messages from WaterMinder will help you remember to drink water throughout the day. You can customize the timing and frequency of these reminders.

Hydration History. The app maintains a history of your daily water intake, allowing you to track your hydration over time and identify patterns.

Achievements and Awards. WaterMinder uses gamification to motivate users. You can earn achievements and prizes when you meet your daily goals and hit certain hydration targets.

Customizable Units. You can choose your preferred units of measurement (e.g., ounces, milliliters) and adjust the app’s settings to match your preferences.

Graphs and Charts. WaterMinder shows you your drinking habits and trends, which lets you look at how much water you drink daily over time.

Dark Mode Support. WaterMinder supports dark mode for a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light environments.



You can make as many countdown timers as you want with the Countdowns app. It also supports dark mode and lets you add events from your calendar.

Key Features

Event Reminders. This one of the best apps for Apple Watch allows you to set reminders for important events. You can receive notifications as the event approaches.

Customizable Timers. Users can change the look of countdown timers by entering the event’s name, the date, the time, and even a statement or picture that goes with it.

Countdown to Specific Times. In addition to counting down to a specific date, the app allows you to set timers for specific times of the day.

Countdowns with Progress Bars. It displays a visual progress bar alongside the countdown timer, showing the time left until the event.

Countdown to New Year. The app includes a special feature to count down to the New Year, often accompanied by fireworks or other animations.

Countdowns for Special Occasions. You can use Countdowns to mark special life events like weddings, graduations, or the arrival of a new baby.

Countdown as Motivation. Countdowns can be used to achieve personal goals, such as fitness milestones or project deadlines.

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is a highly customizable weather app with a snarky personality. It provides accurate weather forecasts and conditions for your location.

Key Features

Dark Humor. Carrot Weather is known for its quirky and often sarcastic personality. It delivers weather forecasts with a humorous twist and has become an entertaining app.

Precise Weather Data. Despite its humor, Carrot Weather provides accurate and up-to-date weather information, such as current conditions, hourly forecasts, and extended forecasts.

Weather Maps. As one of the best apps for Apple Watch, it offers a variety of weather maps, including radar, satellite, temperature, and wind maps.

Notifications. The app can send you weather alerts, such as warnings about severe weather and information on the present conditions.

Weather Data Sources. Carrot Weather allows you to choose from various weather data sources, including Weather Underground, AccuWeather, and Dark Sky (now owned by Apple), to ensure you get the most accurate data for your location.

Time Machine. This tool lets you look at old weather information for a certain date and place. This can help you learn about weather in the past or plan a trip.

Premium Subscription. Carrot Weather offers a premium subscription service that unlocks additional features, including more frequent weather updates, access to weather maps, and customization options.

Secret Locations. The app includes a feature called “Secret Locations” that you can unlock by achieving certain milestones within the app. These secret locations often have unique weather data and humorous descriptions.

Weather Challenges. The weather-related fun tasks and goals in Carrot Weather are sometimes added, making the app more like a game.



With one of the best apps for Apple Watch, Shazam, you can quickly figure out what songs are playing around you by raising your wrist.

Key Features

Song Identification. When you hear a song playing, open the app and tap the Shazam button to start the identification process. Shazam will provide the song’s title, artist, album, and other relevant information in seconds.

Lyrics and Music Video Playback. In addition to song details, Shazam often provides lyrics so you can sing along, and it can link you to music videos on platforms like YouTube.

Listening History. Shazam keeps a history of all the songs you’ve identified, making it easy to go back and review or purchase them later.

Explore Music. Shazam offers a “Discover” section to explore new and trending music, browse charts, and discover similar songs and artists based on your identified tracks.

Offline Mode. You can use Shazam to identify songs, even offline. The app will save the audio sample and identify the song once your device reconnects to the internet.

Connect with Apple Music and Spotify. Shazam integrates with streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, allowing you to play identified songs directly in those apps or add them to your playlists.

Share Music. You can share your identified songs and music discoveries with friends through social media, messaging apps, or email.

Ad-Free Experience. Shazam offers a premium, ad-free version for users who want to enjoy the app without interruptions.


best apps for Apple Watch - Overcast

It is a popular podcast player with features like Smart Speed and Voice Boost for an enhanced listening experience.

Key Features

Smart Speed. Smart Speed is a unique feature that shortens silences in podcast episodes. This allows you to listen to content faster without altering the pitch of the audio.

Voice Boost. Voice Boost enhances the audio quality of podcasts, making it easier to hear the voices of hosts and guests, even in noisy environments.

Playlist Creation. You can create custom playlists by adding episodes from different podcasts.

Offline Listening. With this one of the best apps for Apple Watch, you can download podcast episodes to listen to when you’re not online. This way, you can watch your favorite shows even when you’re not online.

Variable Playback Speed. Overcast lets you change the playing speed, so you can listen to podcasts at the speed you want, whether faster or slower.

Enhanced Audio Quality. For the best hearing experience, the app offers high-quality audio formats, such as stereo and mono.

Sleep Timer. You can set a sleep timer to stop playing after a certain time so you can listen to podcasts while falling asleep without draining your battery.

Podcast Discovery. The app features a directory of podcasts, making it easy to discover new shows by genre, popularity, or recommendations.


best apps for Apple Watch - iTranslate

This app can translate languages quickly by speaking into your Apple Watch or using the text input feature.

Key Features

Text Translation. iTranslate allows you to translate text between more than 100 languages. You can type or paste text into the app, and it provides instant translations.

Voice Translation. With voice input, you can speak a phrase or sentence; then iTranslate will translate it into your selected language. It also supports voice output for translations so it can hear the correct pronunciation easily.

Offline Mode. This one of the best apps for Apple Watch offers offline translation for various languages, allowing you to use the app even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Camera Translation. The app allows you to point your smartphone’s camera at text in a foreign language and translate the text in real-time. This is especially handy for reading signs, menus, and other printed materials in another language.

Conversation Mode. iTranslate enables real-time translation of spoken conversations between two people. Simply select your languages, and the app will facilitate a back-and-forth translation.

Dictionary and Definitions. In addition to translations, iTranslate provides dictionary definitions and synonyms for words.

Phrasebook. The app includes a built-in phrasebook with commonly used phrases and expressions in various languages.

Handwriting Recognition. iTranslate supports handwriting recognition. So you can draw characters and symbols to get the translation.

Keyboard Extension. The app offers a keyboard extension that allows you to translate text directly within other apps, such as messaging or email.

Language Detection. iTranslate can automatically detect the source language. Obviously, it is convenient when you need clarification on spoken or written language.



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