Which One Is the Best Translation App? From Google Translate to iTranslate

Which One Is the Best Translation App? From Google Translate to iTranslate

There are over 7,100 spoken and signed languages in the world. Communication happens every moment; you can’t learn all the languages.
Fortunately, even if you don’t know those languages, you can still communicate or trade easily—all thanks to the convenience of the best translation app.
You can’t deny that you need an efficient and accurate translation app on a trip or to trade with foreigners.
So if you are looking for the best translation app, this article is for you! We’ve listed the 8 hottest translation apps; you may compare and select the best one for you, which includes Google Translate, iTranslate, Deepl Translator, and so on.

Google Translate (Free)

Google Translate (Free)

Google Translate is a powerful and widely used translation app on Android and iOS devices. It enables users to easily translate text, speech, and images between over 100 languages, making it a go-to tool for travelers, language learners, and everyday communication.

Real-Time Conversation: Google Translate’s standout feature is its real-time conversation mode, facilitating smooth communication between speakers of different languages. Users can engage in natural, spoken conversations with translations displayed on the screen in real time. Additionally, an offline mode allows translation even without an internet connection, which is beneficial in areas with limited connectivity or when traveling abroad.

Two-way Translation: Beyond text translation, Google Translate’s speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities enhance communication further. Users can speak or type in one language and receive spoken or written translations in their desired language, making it ideal for interactive language exchange.

Image Translation: The image translation feature comes in handy when encountering unfamiliar text on signs, menus, or documents. Take a picture using the app’s camera function, and the app will recognize the text and provide a translation.

The drawback is that it’s sometimes not accurate enough, especially for more complex phrases and sentences.

Microsoft Translator (Free)

Microsoft Translator (Free)

Microsoft Translator is a versatile translation app that helps users break language barriers effortlessly with its wide range of features. This app covers you whether you are traveling or communicating with people from different language backgrounds.

Applicable for Android and iOS: The app works seamlessly on Android and iOS smartphones, making it accessible to a vast user base. It ensures that users can enjoy its benefits regardless of their device preference.

Mobile and Computer Use: While primarily designed for mobile use, Microsoft Translator also offers a web version. This web version allows users to access translation services on PCs, ensuring convenience and flexibility in how users engage with the app.

Offline Translation Support: Microsoft Translator goes beyond standard text translation. It provides real-time conversation translation, making it an excellent companion for face-to-face interactions with people who speak different languages. Additionally, the app supports offline translation, which is perfect for limited internet connectivity.

Is it Free? Yes, Microsoft Translator offers its core translation features for free. Users can freely access text, voice, and conversation translations without cost. This makes it an attractive choice for users seeking a reliable translation tool without incurring additional expenses.

iTranslate (Pay for Extra Features)

iTranslate (Pay for Extra Features)

iTranslate, an easy-to-use translation app, caters to a diverse audience, supporting Android and iOS devices, making it widely accessible.

Primary for Mobile Phones: Its primary focus is mobile phones, but it also offers limited functionality online. With features like text, voice, and website translation, iTranslate benefits language learners and travelers.

Integration with Apple Watch: A highlight of iTranslate is its integration with Apple Watch, allowing users to access quick translations right from their wrists. Furthermore, the app’s offline mode enables translation without an internet connection, making it a valuable tool in areas with limited connectivity.

Premium Plan for More Features: The app provides a free version with basic translation capabilities. For users seeking more advanced language assistance, iTranslate offers a premium plan that includes voice-to-voice conversations and verb conjugations. This subscription-based option enhances the app’s offerings.

However, it is essential to note that iTranslate’s web version may lack some of the comprehensive features available on the mobile app. Therefore, users seeking the full range of functionality should primarily use the app on their smartphones.

TripLingo (Pay for Extra Features)

TripLingo (Pay for Extra Features)

TripLingo, a travel-focused translation app, caters to Android and iOS users, ensuring widespread accessibility.

Various Functions: It includes a list of important phrases, voice and video translation, a WiFi dialer, and useful etiquette and cultural norms information. The app even has a quiz mode to assist you in learning the language.

Web Version Available: Although primarily designed for mobile phones, it may have a web version with limited functionality. Travelers and language learners benefit from its specialized translations, cultural tips, and essential phrases.

Especially Suitable for Travel: With a focus on providing a seamless travel experience, TripLingo includes voice translation, allowing users to communicate effectively in foreign languages. Furthermore, its audio lessons offer language learning opportunities on the go.

As for pricing, TripLingo’s basic features may be available for free, but more extensive functionalities and content require a premium subscription. This premium option appeals to frequent travelers seeking in-depth language support.

SayHi Translate (Free)

SayHi Translate (Free)

SayHi Translate, an innovative language app, bridges communication gaps for Android and iOS users, delivering convenience across platforms.

Good for Live Conversation: What sets SayHi Translate apart is that it simultaneously translates an in-person conversation, allowing users to speak and instantly receive translated text and voice output in over 100 languages. This capability proves invaluable for quick conversations and language-learning scenarios.

Offline Use: Furthermore, SayHi Translate’s versatility extends to offline use, enabling language assistance even without an internet connection, which can be particularly helpful in remote areas or during travel abroad.

Ability to Change Voice Preference: SayHi provides a variety of features, including the ability to copy and share conversations via SMS or social channels such as Facebook or Twitter, support for multiple languages and dialects, and the ability to change voice preference, speech rate, and speed, among others.

The app’s ability to convert spoken words into text and voice facilitates communication and serves as a valuable tool for language practice.

Reverso (Free)

Reverso (Free)

Reverso, a comprehensive language app, provides an extensive array of language tools for Android and iOS users, ensuring a broad reach.

Rich Features: Emphasizing its versatility, Reverso offers not only translations but also conjugations, definitions, and usage examples, making it an all-in-one language resource. Language learners can benefit from its detailed explanations and examples, while travelers can find quick translations to navigate new cultures effectively.

Multilingual Support: Reverso’s inclusion of various languages makes it a reliable choice for users seeking multilingual support. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface enhances the overall experience, allowing for seamless navigation and ease of use.

While Reverso proves to be a valuable app, users should be aware that the web version may offer a more comprehensive experience compared to the mobile app.

Deepl Translator (Pay for the Pro Version)

Deepl Translator (Pay for the Pro Version)

DeepL Translator serves a vast audience, available on both Android and iOS platforms. Its extensive reach ensures seamless communication across borders.

Accurate Translation: One of the standout features of DeepL Translator is its advanced neural machine translation technology, which yields highly accurate and contextually relevant translations. This capability allows users to communicate more precisely, making it a valuable resource for professionals, academics, and language enthusiasts.

Support Voice Input: Apart from text translation, DeepL Translator also supports voice input, facilitating real-time conversation translations. Additionally, its language detection feature automatically identifies the source language, streamlining the translation process for users dealing with multiple languages.

Protect Users’ Privacy: Furthermore, DeepL Translator caters to privacy-conscious individuals, as it employs encryption to protect user data, ensuring confidentiality during translation tasks.

While the app offers basic translation services for free, its premium subscription unlocks many additional benefits, including faster translations, offline access, and priority customer support.

Yandex Translate (Pay for Business Mode)

Yandex Translate (Pay for Business Mode)

The well-known Russian search engine company Yandex created Yandex Translate, a versatile translation app, to cater to Android and iOS users and ensure compatibility across various devices.

Over 100 Languages Supported: The app’s strength lies in its impressive language support, covering over 100 languages for text and voice translations. Moreover, Yandex Translate provides offline translation capabilities, making it an ideal companion for travelers exploring remote destinations with limited internet connectivity.

Augmented Reality Mode: One notable feature of Yandex Translate is its augmented reality mode, which allows users to hover their smartphone cameras over foreign text, instantly translating it into their native language. This feature proves incredibly useful when deciphering signs, menus, or documents in unfamiliar territories.

Extended Functions: For those seeking a deeper understanding of languages, Yandex Translate offers example sentences and synonyms, aiding language learners in grasping context and expanding their vocabulary.

Furthermore, Yandex Translate provides a keyboard extension for users, enabling them to translate text within any app, be it messaging, social media, or email. This seamless integration ensures quick and efficient communication across languages.


Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, the key to selecting the best translation app for your needs is to consider precisely what you need it to do because each application has restrictions.

And while most of them share comparable characteristics, there are a few unique alternatives from which you can select the most useful. Consider your requirements and conduct research. You can download multiple at once to determine which one best suits you.



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