10 Best Cash Advance Apps of 2024! Everyone Uses Them!

10 Best Cash Advance Apps of 2024!(1)

Getting short-term loans has become easier since the invention of mobile phones. Dealing with financial problems can be stressful. The top 10 best cash advance apps provide users with quick, reliable access to cash before payday, helping to bridge any unexpected financial gaps with ease and security.

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10 Best Cash Advance Apps of 2024!

These Best Cash advance apps allow individuals to access the money earned before their pay date, providing immediate relief in financial tight spots. Here are some of the best cash advance apps known for their reliability and user-friendly features as of my last update:

Earnin – Allows users to access earned wages with an optional tipping feature instead of mandatory fees.
Dave – Offers small cash advances with a membership fee and the possibility of tipping.
Brigit – Provides cash advances as well as budgeting tools for a monthly subscription fee.
Chime – Chime’s SpotMe feature allows you to overdraw your account on debit card purchases without overdraft fees.
MoneyLion – Offers cash advances as part of its Instacash option with zero interest.
Empower – Allows paycheck advances with a monthly subscription fee and no interest charges.
DailyPay – Enables employees to access their earned but unpaid wages before payday.
PayActiv – Offers earned wage access as well as financial counseling for users.
Varo – Provides cash advances with certain terms and conditions and potential fees.
Even – Integrates with select employers to offer on-demand pay advances with budgeting features.

10 Best Cash Advance Apps of 2024! –Details

Get the details of these 10 best cash advance apps for you right now!

Earnin: Large Cash Advance

Earnin : Large Cash Advance

EarnIn is a cash advance app available on Apple and Android devices. It offers cash advances up to $750 per payment period and operates on a tip-based platform. Users can add a tip to each transaction to support EarnIn’s services.

Example APR: If you borrow $100 7 days before payday, tip $2, and pay a $3.99 quick financing fee, the APR on your advance would be 312.3%.

Cash Advance TypesEarned income/payday.
Eligibility RequirementsHave a regular direct deposit payment plan (weekly, biweekly, monthly, or every two weeks); make at least $320 a pay period; do at least one of the things below: A fixed place of work, the email address provided by the employer, and a method for keeping track of time (electronic or paper).
Advance Payment AmountYou could get up to $100 a day or $750 a pay period.
Fees● Optional quick financing fee: $1.99 to $4.99.
● Optional gratuity: up to $13 per advance.
RepaymentsTaken out of your bank account on the day your next direct payment is due.
Financing Time No Expediting Fee1 to 2 business days.
Fast Fee Funding TimeWithin minutes.

Dave: Good repayment flexibility

Dave:Good repayment flexibility

Dave is an app for getting cash advances that work best for people who don’t live from paycheck to paycheck. The Dave Extra Cash account you need is a spending account that lets you put money, move money between accounts (up to $500), and take money out up to five times a month. Dave lets you borrow up to $500 more than most other apps, which is more than most. “Proprietary underwriting model” is what the app uses to figure out how much money a person can borrow and their financial situation. A lot of people can get at least $160.

APR example: You have to pay three fees to borrow $100: an express fee of $5, a monthly membership fee of $1, and a tip of $1. It adds up to $7. This loan’s APR is 365%.

Eligibility RequirementsThe all-digital platform requires an email address and bank account, no paper, including checks.
Advance amountUp to $500.
Fees● Subscription fee: $1 per month.
● Optional quick financing fee: $3 to $25.
● You can pay up to 25% of your borrowed amount as a tip.
RepaymentWithdrawal from your bank account on the next payday as determined by Dave or the first Friday after you receive your advance.
Financing Time No Expediting FeeUp to 3 business days.
Financing Time with Expedited FeeUp to one hour.

Brigit: Budgeting Tools

Brigit :Budgeting Tools

Brigit gives applicants a score of 0-100 based on bank account health, spending behavior, and income.40 is the minimum requirement to qualify for a cash advance. Once you qualify, you must pay $9.99 monthly to sign up for Brigit Plus to use Instant Cash.

Example APR: If you get a $9.99 Brigit membership, use the app to get a one-time $100 advance, and pay it back within seven days, your loan’s APR would be 520.9%.

Cash advance typesPayday
Eligibility RequirementsAccount must have been open for at least 60 days, have a balance of at least $1,000, and have had at least three deposits from the same company or deposit source.
Advance Amount50 to $250.
Fees● Monthly subscription fee: $9.99 or $14.99.
● Optional Express Financing Fee: $0.99 to $3.99.
RepaymentTake money out of your bank account when Brigit decides it is your next payday.
No Expedited Fee for Financing Time1 to 3 days.
Financing time with expedited fees20 minutes.

Chime: Ideal for overdraft protection

Chime: Ideal for overdraft protection

Chime isn’t like most other cash advance apps because it’s not a cash advance. Your workplace will see Chime Get Paid Early as your direct deposit account. It’s available immediately when Chime gets the money, unlike some banks, holding it for a day or two to process it. Like most banks, Chime is closed on holidays and the weekends.

APR example: If Chime gives you a $50 overdraft and you pay off the balance within seven days plus a $1 tip, you’ll get a $50 loan at 104.3% APR.

TypesEarly Payment, Overdraft Protection
Eligibility RequirementsChime checking account and payroll direct deposit.
Advance amount$20 to $200.
FeesOptional tips.
RepaymentChime deducts the amount of your overdraft from future deposits.
Financing ChimeImmediate.

MoneyLion: Suitable for existing customers

MoneyLion:Suitable for existing customers

MoneyLion has a high max mum limit, but reaching that limit depends on income. You won’t know what you qualify for when applying on the app. The maximum you can deposit is doubled if you start a RoarCash account for $1. Also, the fee for Turbo (instant payment) is lowered. If you don’t have RoarCash, you must pay $8.99 to get $90 or more in instant cash.

Example APR: 520.9% APR if you make an immediate $100 advance deposit to an external account for $8.99, add a $1 tip, and pay back the loan within seven days.

Cash Advance TypesPayday
Eligibility RequirementsCheck accounts with at least two months of history, history of recurring payroll/income deposits, and consistent positive balance regularly.
Advance AmountUp to $500, or $1,000 for members using other MoneyLion features. Advances are paid in $100 increments.
Fees● Optional membership fee of $19.99 per month.
● Optional Quick Funding Fee: $0.49 to $8.99 per prepayment.
● Optional Reminder: no maximum.
Repayment FeesUsually drawn on the date MoneyLion determines to be your next payday.
No expedited fees for financing time● 1 to 2 work days for people with a MoneyLion checking account.
● People who don’t have a MoneyLion checking account will have to wait 2 to 5 working days.
Fast Fee Funding TimeWithin minutes.

Empower: Make money fast

Empower :Make money fast

Empower has a yearly fee, and users can also receive tips. When you apply, Empower looks at your linked checking account to determine eligibility based on how consistently you make money and make trades. Overdrafts that are too big are a bad sign. As a new customer, you can get a 14-day free trial. Customers can pay a monthly fee or call customer service to stop. People who have used Empower before cannot get a free sample. Instead, they will be charged right away.

APR example: If you pay $8 for an Empower subscription, get a one-time $150 advance that you’ll pay back in 7 days, and pay a $6 inst nt delivery fee, the APR on your loan is 486.7%.

Cash Advance TypesPayday
Eligibility Requirements:A bank account, a smartphone that can receive text messages, a steady source of income, and acceptable bank transactions.
Advance amount.$10 to $250.
Fees● Subscription fee: $8 monthly or $0 if you opt-out.
● Optional quick financing fee: $1 to $8.
● Optional Tipping Fee: up to 20% per prepayment, capped at the amount of your eligible prepayments per calendar year.
RepaymentFrom your bank account on the date that you agreed to pay.
No expedited fees for financing timeOne business day.
Financing Time with Expedited FeesWithin one hour.

DailyPay: Earn Income

DailyPay :Earn Income

You can get your paycheck or income through the DailyPay app, which means you can get the money you made during the pay period back before payday. Employers have to agree to use DailyPay, which means they need to be able to pay workers right away. Every day during the pay period, up to $1,000 can be sent to a bank account or debit card. The amount is sent straight to your bank account when you get paid.

DailyPay initially charges employees a fee for all transactions but declares transactions free in 2022. The exception is immediate access to the money, but the fee is undisclosed and was last reported at $2.99.

Maximum amountNet income earned up to $1,000 daily (depending on employer).
Eligibility RequirementsEmployers must participate.
FeesInstant transfer fee $2.99
Standard Processing Time 1-3 business days
Repayment Period:N/A

PayActiv: Earn a paycheck

PayActiv :Earn a paycheck

A paid app called Payactiv lets users earn up to half of their pay in the days after they get paid. People can add a bank account or debit card and put money in it or get cash at Walmart. The exchange will show up as a cut in your pay.

Maximum amount500 without direct deposit; $1,000 by direct deposit (employers can set lower limits).
Eligibility RequirementsEmployer participation is required.
TypeEarned Income
FeeInstant transfer fee $2.99
Standard Processing Time 1-3 business days
Repayment Period:N/A

Varo: Free and Fast Financing

Varo :Free and Fast Financing

Annual percentage rates (APY). To qualify for the highest APY, Varo typically requires certain conditions, such as a minimum number of direct deposits or maintaining a certain account balance.
Interest rates fluctuate based on Federal Reserve guidelines and bank policies, so checking the Varo website or app for the latest rates is important.

Varo’s eligibility requirements for banking services such as Varo Advance may depend on account activity and history with Varo.

Loan Amount20 to $250
EligibilityActive Varo account
Fees  0 to $15, depending on amount
Repayment period:Up to four weeks

ONE@Work: Financial Planning

10 best cash advance apps :ONE@Work:Financial Planning

ONE@Work (formally Even) is an application designed to help employees with financial planning, offering services such as pay-on-demand (also known as “paycheck to paycheck”), budgeting tools, and savings features. Allowing employees to draw down a portion of their paycheck before official payday provides greater flexibility and helps avoid overdraft fees, payday loans, or late payments.

Maximum AmountGet up to 50% of your paycheck
Fees  Subscription fees apply
Processing TimeOne working day
Repayment Period:Automatic payday deduction


  1. What is a paycheck advance app?

    The Paycheck Advance app allows you to borrow money during payday using your smartphone. The app will look at your bank account instead of your credit report to see if you are eligible. That means it will look at the amount and frequency of your direct deposits. It may also consider your spending habits.
    The app will use this information to determine how much advance you can afford and when you can pay it back. It will then transfer your advance to your checking account. Repayment is usually one to two weeks or when you receive your payment. It will automatically deduct your repayment from the same account on your due date.
    Payroll advances are small (between $10 and $500) and do not carry interest. Instead, they come with optional fees and tips. This model may be useful if you rarely use the app. You may pay more than expected if you pay a large expedited advance and leave optional tips.

  2. Which apps offer immediate loans?

    With most cash advance tools, you can pay extra to get the money faster.
    For a fee of $1 to $8, Empower can give you cash in an hour.
    EarnIn immediately lets you get cash loans for $1.99 to $4.99.
    Dave can give you an advance within an hour for an extra fee of $1.99 to $13.99.

  3. What apps can I borrow $100 from?

    SoLo Funds.

  4. Alternatives to Cash Advance Apps

    If you need to borrow money to cover your next payday shortfall for even longer, there are less costly and less financially risky alternatives to cash advance apps.
    Small personal loans. A Bank loan or online loan for a small amount of money may have fees and interest, but you can pay it back over time, and it's better than a cash advance. Your credit score will increase if you repay your loan on time.
    Credit union loans. A credit union is a type of bank its members own, usually located in the same town. They have lower fees and more flexible loan terms than most banks. Credit union loans require you to be a member, which generally means opening a savings or checking account with at least $5 to $25.
    Buy now, pay later. If your cash advance is for needed furniture or appliances, consider buy now, pay later options, which are often cheaper and can be paid in installments.
    Friends and family loans. If your friends and family will lend you the cash you need, do so. Be sure to pay it back when you agree so you don't jeopardize a valuable relationship worth more than money.
    Additional sources of income/side hustles. If you have skills, talents, or extra time, consider turning it into extra money. Be sure to research to save money on cost and time factors.

  5. Paycheck Advance Apps & Payday Loans

    Are payday advance apps the same as payday loans? They are not exactly alike, but they do have similarities.
    Paycheck advances and payday loans are smaller, usually $500 or less. Repayment terms are short; both types usually automatically withdraw the funds you borrow from your checking account. Neither requires a credit check.
    However, payday loans are usually more expensive. Between the interest rates and fees, it's not uncommon for payday loans to have triple-digit APRs.

Thoughts on These Best Cash Advance Apps

The top 10 best cash advance apps offer convenient solutions for navigating financial shortfalls. Each app presents unique features that suit different needs, from avoiding overdraft fees to responsible budgeting. Always consider the terms and charges before selecting the right one for your financial health.



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