20 Gay Anime Worth Checking Out! They’re Most Iconic!

The Gay Anime

If you’re looking for meaningful representation in animation, here’s a gay anime worth checking out! These selected titles offer compelling storytelling and rich character development and provide a glimpse into the nuances of LGBTQ+ relationships and experiences within the animated world.

Let’s go!

The Gay Anime Worth Checking Out!

Another name for Yaoi is “boys’ love” (BL). It’s a type of Japanese media that shows loving and homoerotic relationships between male characters.

Mo Dao Zu Shi(2018)

Here's a gay anime worth checking out!

It is the most classic gay anime in China. “Founder of diabolism” is what Mo Dao Zu shi means. It was a scary anime with strange things happening.

Wuxian tries to get rid of the ruling Clan in the story. He was sent to live in the body of a crazy person years after he died.

Now that he has a body, he wants to get even. He doesn’t know how he died, though. As he solves the puzzle with the help of Lan, a wise man, he is shocked. How did so many people die?

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Gay Anime(2011)

The Gay Anime:Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 

The gay anime Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is based on a light book that came out in 2006. Four anime shows have been made based on the book. Three of them are gay anime shows, one is a movie, and the last one is an OVA.

The show’s main characters are Ritsu Onodera and Masamune Takano. Ritsu’s father runs a printing company where he works as an editor. People think he only has the job because his father owns it, even though he’s pretty good at it.

He quit his job and went to work for another publishing company to show his worth because he couldn’t take his coworkers’ jealousy any longer.

He applied for a job at the Marukawa publishing company and wanted a job in the literary section. He does get a job in the literary section, but it turns out that he was sent to the shoujo manga area instead.
Even though Ritsu wants to quit, he stays because he is proud of what his boss, Masamune Takano, says about him.

Later, Masamune learns that Ritsu is an old classmate who told him the truth.
Now that they are back together, Masamune promises to make Ritsu fall in love with him again since Ritsu had turned away from love after being hurt at school.

Pico To Chico(2007)

The Gay Anime (1)(Pico To Chico

A naked teenager is playing in a river in the forest, and Pico, who is riding a bicycle, sees the gesture. The teenager smiles at Pico, and they soon hit it off and become close friends. The teenager Chico then brings Pico to his villa to live.

During the summer vacation, Pico and Chico kept messing up the villa daily. One day, Chico takes Pico to his secret base on the roof of the villa, where Chico peeks through the cracks in the floor of the base to see his maid sister, who works as a maid, masturbating every day.

Pico, who sees this together, starts a forbidden game with Chico while hinting at what the older sister is doing.

Hitorijime My Hero Gay Anime(2017)

The Gay Anime    Hitorijime My Hero (2017))

Masahiro Setagawa no longer believes in heroes, and he often gets into trouble because he was forced to join a gang. He didn’t believe in heroes before Kousuke Ooshiba saved him, but now he does!

It dawned on Masahiro that this person was not only his best friend’s brother but also his homeroom teacher. Kousuke now calls Masahiro his “underling” and says he will look out for him, but it seems like they feel more than just a kind of mentorship.

This gay anime is worth trying.

Doukyuusei (2016)

The Gay Anime  Doukyuusei (2016)

Honor student Rihito Sajou works hard and gets good grades on his tests to get into high school. Hikaru Kusakabe comes up to him one day. A lot of girls really like Hikaru, who plays the guitar.

A chorus event is coming up at their high school soon, so Rihito asks Hikaru to help him prepare.
They work on their skills together after school and become friends as they sing together. They had no idea that their friendship would slowly turn into love.

Seeing the two loves go back and forth, trying to fight their feelings breaks my heart.

Togainu no Chi (2010)

The Gay Anime  Togainu no Chi (2010)

It is a strange set-up. Togainu no Chi was a video game that came out in 2005. It was the basis for two manga series, a book, and two anime sets.

The gay anime takes place in Tokyo after the war. Tokyo has been taken over by a group called Vischio. Tokyo was changed to Toshima by the group. Vischio makes a game called Igura for the people to play.
Igura is a dangerous game where the winner is the last person left. But it’s not the only game. Bl@ster Rises is another game that doesn’t allow killing or guns.

If you watch this gay anime, Akira is one of the best candidates for Bl@ster. But one day, he is found guilty of murder and has to play the dangerous Igura game to show his innocence and stay alive.

It’s not for the faint of heart, with themes like murder and rape, but it’s still an exciting ride.

Kachou No Koi(2010)

The Gay Anime  Kachou No Koi(2010)

It is a gay anime adaptation of a manga with only one episode. It was released on OVA in 2010. Oda is a man who hasn’t had a girlfriend in decades. He doesn’t know his sexuality and doesn’t plan on finding out about it.

As a busy businessman, he is fully focused on his work. When he meets a new employee, he discovers he is gay. The story revolves around the two men and then ends abruptly.

Fake Gay Anime(1998)

The Gay Anime  Fake (1998)

A bit of an older choice, Fake, which came out in 1998, is based on a comic that came out in 1994 and ran until 2011.

Dee Laytner and Randy “Ryo” MacLane are cops from New York who have chosen to take a few days off.
They go to England to take a break from solving the killings and relax for a while. While they are on vacation, Dee sees this as his chance to get Ryo to like him more. But Ryo isn’t sure how he feels about Dee, his partner.

While on vacation, strange killings start to happen, even though everything is going well. All of the people who have been killed are Japanese, so Ryo and Dee set out to solve the crimes so that Ryo, who is half-Japanese, wouldn’t be the next target.

You should check out this great murder detective gay anime, even if the older animation is a little wonky and the background music is corny.

Papa Dattai, Shitai Gay Anime(2019)

The Gay Anime   Papa Dattai, Shitai (2019)

Asumi, a college student, works as a maid for the Naruse family. The family has a young son named Ichika and a single dad named Keiichi Naruse. Asumi finds Keiichi very beautiful and falls in love with him.

There are a lot of hot gay animes like this one. Keiichi makes Asumi feel attracted to him, even though he is not gay. He wants the dad to be his dad!

Papa To Kiss In The Dark(2005)

The Gay Anime   Papa To Kiss In The Dark(2005)

Papa to Kiss in the Dark was a cartoon by Yaoi that TNK made. It first came out in 2005 as an OVA.

But it was based on the same-named light book. You should watch this anime if you want romance and excitement. The main theme is not just romance but also a lot of turns. The story includes the Oedipal complex, cheating, and family fights. It’s even more exciting to watch what goes on behind the scenes.

Cross-relationships that don’t cause any trouble all of a sudden do. Things will go badly, and the story shows what will happen.

Kirepapa Gay Anime(2008)

The Gay Anime   Kirepapa (2008)

The story of this gay cartoon is about a writer named Chisato, who is 35 years old but doesn’t look at it. He loves and takes care of his 15-year-old son Riju.

Many of Riju’s friends come over, but Chisato tries to get rid of all of them because he thinks they want to use him.

So Chisato fakes a smile and is nice to Riju’s friends, but the food he gives them is poisonous until a man named Shunsuke shows up and reads Chisato’s plans.

Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka (Yes, No or Maybe?) (2020)

The Gay Anime   Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka

As strange as it sounds, this movie started as an original take on a light novel, with no manga or OVA in between.

A famous TV host named Kei Kunieda is known for how he acts at work, but when he’s not working, he acts very differently. Ushio Tsuzuki, a stop-motion artist, discovers who he is when he’s not working. They run into each other at the grocery store, and Ushio hurts his wrist in a bicycle accident. To keep Ushio from discovering his secret, Kei has to help him while he heals. He gives Ushio the name “Owari.”

On the other hand, Ushio comes to love him for who he really is, and Kei has a hard time dealing with his own feelings while keeping the truth from Ushio. The famous anime pop-ups occasionally show what the characters think is so cute.

Ikoku Irokoi Romantan (Foreign Love Affair) (2007)

The Gay Anime   Ikoku Irokoi Romantan

Ranmeru, the heir to the Japanese yakuza, gets married on a cruise ship in this one-episode gay anime show based on a manga series. Ran spends the night with the captain of the ship instead of his new bride after a fight, so the wedding is only for show.

When they meet again, this time in Italy, their love story continues in what you could call an anime romance comedy or a bawdy comedy, with scenes of hot sex here and there.

The Titan’s Bride Gay Anime(2019)

The Gay Anime  The Titan's Bride(2019)

Koichi Mizuki, a member of the high school basketball team, is suddenly summoned to the Otherworld, the land of giants where a race many times larger than himself survives, and Caius, the country’s first prince, appears before him and proposes to him to be his bride.

Okane ga Nai (No Money) (2007)

The Gay Anime  Okane ga Nai

A college student named Yukiya Ayase has a kind heart and isn’t bad. He cheats Ayase by auctioning him off to the highest bidder so that he can pay his bills and make a lot of money. Tetsuo is the only family member he still has.

A bad-tempered but wealthy loan shark named Somuku Kanou saves Ayase and buys her an amazing 1.2 billion yen.

Ayase doesn’t remember who Kanou is or why he “saved” him, but Kanou seems to know him from something they did together.

Kanou wants to keep Ayase close so badly that he demands the debt be paid off in full and offers that the best way to do that is for Ayase to sell his body to Kanou for 500,000 each time. When they first meet, Ayase is shocked, but soon, there is something between them that can’t be bought.

Tight-Rope Gay Anime(2012)

The Gay Anime Tight-Rope (2012)

The story of Tight-Rope is about two young boys. One is Naoki Satoya. He and Ryuunosuke Oohara have been friends since they were five years old. One day, Ryuunosuke fell in love with Naoki, his best friend.

It would have been fine for them to be together, but Ryuunoske is meant to become the fifth boss of the Yakuza family. His Yakuza family is one of the most powerful in Japan. This short show shows the real fight between love and fate.

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather (2020)

The Gay Anime  Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai

The story of Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather is about Yashiro, a young yakuza boss and President of Shinsekai Enterprise. However, Yashiro is both a pervert and a masochist, even though he seems happy on the outside.

It is where Yashiro’s new bodyguard, Doumeki Chikara, comes in. Despite Yashiro’s approaches, Chikara keeps his distance, but Yashiro is interested in Chikara. Things take a turn when he finds out Chikara’s secret, leading to a confusing affair between them.

Super Lovers (2016)

The Gay Anime  Super Lovers

Haru Kaido spent his vacation with his mother in Canada, who told him she was very sick. Lucky for Ren, this was all a trick so that Kaido could watch him and help “civilize” him. Eventually, Ren and Kaido become surprisingly close, like brothers, and stay that way until Kaido returns to Japan.

Kaido doesn’t remember anything about that summer because of an accident that killed his father and stepmother on the way home. After five years, Ren goes to Tokyo, sees Kaido, and says he is his brother!

After Ren returns to Kaido’s life, Super Lovers shows what happens next.

Junjou Romantica Gay Anime (2008)

The Gay Anime  Junjou Romantica (2008)

Misaki Takahashi is a normal high school student studying for tests to get into college. He agrees to get help from Akihiko Usami, the best friend of his older brother and a famous author, so learning won’t be so stressful.

Masaki is about to learn that Usami’s stories are very naughty and that Masaki may also be awakening something naughty inside him. It is a very sexy gay cartoon that will make you sweat. You can watch it on Hulu.

Haru wo Daiteita (Embracing Love) (2005)

The Gay Anime  Haru wo Daiteita

Kyousuke Iwaki and Youji Katou are two adult film stars who are considering leaving their sexy jobs. They say that life is like art. They know that when they are asked to try out for a new sexual film, it could be their last chance to become famous.

When the director tells them to make love to each other and decide who will play the lead, things quickly go bad; after that comes love and passionate sex that will change more than just their jobs.

Gay Anime’s Eternal Vow

In this colorful world of Gay Anime, love knows no boundaries, and hopes and dreams are within reach. Love – in all its forms – is worth cherishing, celebrating, and singing about.


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