How To See Recently Deleted Apps On IPhone (Updated 2024 Solutions)

How To See Recently Deleted Apps On IPhone

Have you ever deleted an app but can’t remember its name? You can check the history of all deleted apps on your iPhone device, even though you may have deleted the app a long time ago.

Deleting apps from your iPhone is a walk in the park. You tap the app you want to delete, all the apps start shaking, you tap the “x” icon, and the unwanted apps disappear.

But is there a way to keep track of all the apps you’ve deleted?

Yes, there is, and it’s easy to do. The following section will show you how to preview your recently deleted apps on iPhone and restore them as needed. Without further ado, let’s get started!

How To See Recently Deleted Apps On iPhone

Go to the App Store if you unintentionally deleted an app from your iPhone and don’t remember which one it was. You can only see apps you’ve deleted from your iPhone by going to the “Purchased” area of the App Store. This is where you’ll find both free and paid apps you’ve gotten before.

From there, you can find all installed apps and apps previously installed on your device. From there, you can also re-download apps.

However, it is not possible to sort apps by name, so you will need to browse through the chronological list thoroughly to find apps. And if you have a lot of apps, this may take some time.

To see recently deleted apps on iPhone, follow the steps below:

1.Tap your profile picture in the App Store’s top right after opening it.

Recently Deleted Apps On iPhone

2.Click on “Purchase” Sections

Recently Deleted Apps On iPhone

3.Click on “My Purchases” links

Recently Deleted Apps On iPhone

4.Tap the “Not on this iPhone” tab to see only the apps you have already deleted

Recently Deleted Apps On iPhone

If you select the All tab, you can view every app in your account. Installed apps have an Open button on the right, and apps you’ve deleted have a small cloud icon.

How to Restore Recently Deleted Apps On iPhone

How to Restore Recently Deleted Apps On iPhone

After a while, you should get some of the apps back that you removed. Not surprisingly, there are a few ways to get apps back on your iPhone, and they are all pretty easy.

App Store

You already know how to access the “Not on this iPhone” tab, so there’s no need to repeat these steps. Once you’ve reached the tab, please browse the list of deleted apps and tap the cloud icon to reinstall them. You’ll need to enter the password for your Apple ID to confirm and get the app.

The small blue circle indicates the download status. You’ll see an Open button next to the app when you’re done. One of the great things about this feature is that you don’t have to pay twice for a purchased app. Restoring the application is sufficient.

Name Search

It might be easier to find an app by typing its name into the search bar in the App Store. The Store will remember what you bought, and the process is the same as explained above. To search for content within the App Store, type the app’s name into the search box in the lower right area of the screen and then choose it from the list of results.

The cloud icon appears below the app name; tap it to reinstall it.

Performing a Recovery with iTunes

For some reason, Apple removed the Apps tab and icon, starting with iTunes 12.7. But you can still restore these apps if you last updated iTunes a while ago. In this case, click on your iPhone, select “Apps” and then click “Install” next to the app you want to use again.

On the other hand, you can use the “Restore from Backup” feature on any version of iTunes. However, this may be too much for some apps. You must ensure that you keep your iPhone up to date, and there is always a risk of losing some of your data. Therefore, it’s best to stick to the method described earlier.

FAQs—How To See Recently Deleted Apps On iPhone

FAQs-How To See Recently Deleted Apps On iPhone

How do I know if I’ve downloaded an app before?

Some apps offer special benefits for you to create an account. We use other apps sparingly, so we only re-add them when necessary. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to find out if you’ve used a particular app.

Go to the App Store and search for the app’s name. If it has a cloud icon, you got it before using your iCloud account. If it says “Get” or “Buy,” you haven’t installed the app before.

How to delete app history on iPhone?

You can see recently deleted apps on iPhone’s history by clearing storage space or deleting history on any app. To free up storage, click on Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. Then, find the apps that take up most of the space and delete them from your device.

To delete any app’s history, you can also go to Settings, select the app, and then choose Clear History and Data. Repeat the same steps to delete more history on other apps.

How do I reinstall a default app that I deleted on iPhone?

The App Store allows you to reinstall the default applications. Open the App Store, search for deleted apps using the search bar, and select the apps you want to download.

Final Words

In short, Apps are always there. Going to the App Store Purchased page is the quickest and easiest method to see recently deleted apps on iPhone. From there, you can quickly restore many apps at once by tapping the cloud icon.

Using your iPhone is super enjoyable. It gets even better when you have apps that help you enhance your experience.

Finding out how to download apps after you delete them can help you become a better iPhone user and take the stress out of losing apps when you delete them and forget how to get them back on your device.



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