Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Waterproof? Everything You Need to Know!

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Waterproof? Everything You Need to Know!

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 waterproof? On Samsung’s Official Website, they say that Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 “can stay under 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes”.

So, you should be able to understand that if some rain gets on it, it’s no problem. But in your real user experience, is it a bad idea to jump into a pool or take a bath with it? This post has all the info you need about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5’s waterproof feature.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Waterproof?

If you’re wondering, “Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 waterproof?” the answer is YES!

The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro both have an IP68 rating.

What does IP68 mean? The number 6 stands for the dustproof rating, and the number 8 stands for the waterproof rating.

Is that a good rating or just average? I can tell you that both ratings are very high. IP68 is generally recognized as a very good rating. According to its IP68 rating, your Galaxy Watch 5 can be submerged in water up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes. 

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Waterproof?

The Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro also have a 5ATM rating, which means they are protected against water pressure. It refers to how much water pressure it can undergo before water starts to rush into the openings and damage the watch.

5ATM means they can last 10 minutes under water pressure equal to more than 160 feet deep. Essentially, you can carry your smartwatch into the pool, but you shouldn’t wear it when getting into the hot tub or doing a deep-sea dive.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Waterproof?

In addition, the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro have earned a MIL-STD-810H rating for durability. This is a standard durability test for resistance to many environmental factors, including electric shock, humidity, drops, and more. The MIL-STD-810H rating means that it can withstand being dropped without breaking.

Can I Swim with My Galaxy Watch 5?

Absolutely! The Galaxy Watch 5 features impressive water resistance, perfect for swimmers. 

You can wear your Galaxy Watch 5 while swimming in the pool. It will still work, though. And It’s okay to wash your hands or even reach into an ocean pool to get a shell with the Galaxy Watch 5, as long as you run it under fresh water afterward.

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But don’t go deep or free-diving with the Galaxy Watch 5. That will definitely damage the watch.

Can I Swim with My Galaxy Watch 5?

Samsung recommends turning on the Water Lock if you want to swim with your watch. When Water Lock mode is turned on, your touchscreen, wake-up motions, and always-on display are turned off. You can turn off the Water Lock to get rid of any water still in your device after swimming.

  • On your Galaxy Watch 5, swipe up to get to the Quick panel, then tap the Water lock symbol (two water drops).
  • When water droplets show up on your watch face, your device is locked.
  • Hold the home button for two seconds to turn off the Water lock mode.

Before you turn off the Water Lock, you might want to run your device under warm water. This will clean the screen and the area around the watch’s body. Then turn off the Water Lock, and you’re good to go.

And remember to rinse it with water afterward to remove any chlorine or salt residue to ensure its longevity.

Clean Your Galaxy Watch 5 After Use!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

It is important to clean your Galaxy Watch 5 properly after swimming. Here are the simple steps to clean your Galaxy Watch 5!

Step 1: To turn off the water lock, swipe down on the home screen and tap the water droplet icon again.

Step 2: Gently rinse the watch under running water to remove dirt or debris. Soap or harsh chemicals should not be used on the watch because they could break the waterproof seals.

Step 3: Pat it dry with a soft cloth or let it air dry naturally.

Following these steps will ensure that your Watch 5 is built to last.

Water Resistance Tips for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Even though your watch is water resistant, remember it is not indestructible. To keep your Galaxy Watch 5 waterproof, here are some useful tips:

  • Dry your watch well with a clean, soft cloth after it gets wet.
  • Do not expose your watch to high-pressure water.
  • Clean your watch with clean water and dry it after using it in the water. If you do not follow the instructions carefully, it could cause problems with how the watch works or looks.
  • Dropping or hitting the watch hard may make it less resistant to water.
  • Avoid excessive and sudden temperature changes and high-speed activities. Dropping and shaking may weaken the structural integrity of the watch.
  • Galaxy Watch 5 is not suitable for scuba diving.



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